Flat Sheet Or No Flat Sheet? Flat Sheet

What is the best way to make your bed, with a Flat Bedroom Sheets or without it? This is the great debate of bedding.

Whether you swear by the perfect corners of American-style hospitals or join the Europeans to ask, "what's the point?", We know that everyone has firm opinions about this bedding. Before resolving this debate once and for all, let's start on the same page on what is really the purpose of a flat sheet and a tight sheet. First, we must answer the important questions: What is an adjusted sheet? And what is a flat sheet?

What Is A Fitted Sheet?

Less controversial than the flat sheet, the purpose of the adjustable sheet is to cover the mattress. When covered with a LinenandMoore fitted organic sheet, you can ensure a smooth and smooth sleeping surface. In addition, the firm and elastic pockets ensure a perfect fit even in the most luxurious mattresses.

What Is A Flat Sheet?

The LinenandMoore flat sheet, also called the top sheet, is placed on top of the fitted sheet, and between you and your blanket or duvet cover. Its purpose is to keep you warm and protect your blanket or duvet cover so it does not get dirty. However, it takes some extra time to make your bed, especially if you like to snuggle on both sides. And if you are sleeping with a flat sheet, of course you will want to make sure that you are washing it regularly, as you would with the fitted sheet.

Flat Sheet Vs. Fitted Sheet

On the one hand, sleeping without a flat sheet helps eliminate an extra step to make your bed and gives you a sheet less to wash the day of clothing. But without using this protective layer between you and your quilt cover, that means you will have to wash your quilt cover more frequently. What difference does it make to sleep with or without a flat sheet? We surveyed the staff at LinenandMoore and asked them to tell us which sleep method they prefer. This is what we found.

Flat Sheets By The Numbers

The majority of LinenandMoore team is in the pro-flat sheet camp. And we agree with our sleeping partners, at least most of the time.

Do you sleep with a flat sheet?

Does your partner agree with your bed-making style?

we like routine, but we’re also open-minded

Many of us choose our bedding methods simply because we have always done it this way. But we are not 100% stuck on our roads either!

When did you start making your bed this way?

“That’s how my mom did it.”

“I’ve always made my bed this way.”

 “I didn’t know there was any other way to make a bed.”

Would You Ever Change Your Mind And Make Your Bedroom A Different Way?

Pro-Flat Sheet Argument | Bedroom Sheets

“The flat sheet is smoother and cooler than a blanket. Love it!”

“I LOVE to feel fully tucked in and can't achieve that without a flat sheet.”

“A flat sheet is much easier to clean. Taking apart a duvet and re-assembling it is more time-consuming and takes longer to wash and dry.”

“I like layers on my bed no matter what season it is. If I get too hot with my duvet during the summer, I can still fold it down and use the top sheet as a thin layer.”

Anti-Flat Sheet Argument | Bedroom Sheets

“The flat sheet makes making the bed 1000x more annoying.”

“I find the flat sheet always gets pushed to the bottom of the bed. I don’t see the point in having one.”

“My husband refuses to use it! He's from Scotland and apparently was raised not to use them on the bed.”

“Since discovering the ease of not using a flat sheet, I have become more inclined to make my bed this way. And it helps if a you’re a hot sleeper.”