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Quality Guarantee

It is very important to choose the right bed linen, as research shows that we sleep on average 8 hours a day. That's surprisingly equivalent to 25 years in a lifetime just sleeping in a nice cosy bed.

Great bed linen last well in excess of this time and you also get the quality and comfort from sleeping on premium quality luxury bed linen. You do actually get what you pay for, cheap bedding is normally made from a low grade cotton and polyester blend whereas at Linen & Moore our bed and bath linen are normally made from quality linen such as Combed cotton and Egyptian cotton.

Much is said about the source of the fabrics used in cotton bedding, thread count, ply and finish are all important when it comes to the outcome. At Linen & Moore all we want is a bit of quality and opulence so paying that little bit extra for sheets that come with the "HOTEL QUALITY ASSURANCE" is well worth it. Our Luxury Egyptian bedding is woven using the latest technology, as the higher the thread count the finer the cotton yarns, this means that the linen is made from long staple fibres that are stronger and last longer.

Linen & Moore are at the pinnacle of the luxury bedding market, we produce exceptional linens that have been processed using craftsmanship that has been passed down through the years. Their knowledge of textiles is second to none and we only make bedding that is fit for best hotels. You can rest assure about the quality of our products that will last for years. Pay for the quality, once you try our sheets and duvet covers you will not want to sleep on anything else