Most of the hotels you have visited have likely used white linen for their bedding and towels etc. But why? The reason for white linen being used in most hotels is not down to coincidence, rather, there are many reasons for the choice of crisp white linen you see in hotels across the world. From the finest and most expensive hotels in France to your local Bed and Breakfast, white is the linen colour of choice, and for good reason. Within this blog, we will go through a few of the reasons why white in your hotel room is the best way to go.

White is clean

Cleaning that is not up to standard can create real dissatisfaction amongst guests. White shows dirt easily. By using white linen a hotel can demonstrate just how clean they really are. Clean white sheets instil confidence in your guests that the rest of their room and hotel will be just as clean as their sheets. 


Proven by psychology

White is psychologically proven to be associated with feelings of purity, freshness, cleanliness and simplicity. White also makes a room seem more spacious, making it the perfect colour for a hotel room.

White Hotel Room 

White goes with everything

As a neutral colour, white goes with everything. Imagine walking into the image of the below room with bright red coloured pillow sheets, it doesn’t look too great. Now imagine walking into that same brightly coloured hotel room with white bedsheets and linen as the image above. That looks a lot better, doesn’t it? Simplistic and forever in style, white matches any colour and pattern.

Red Pillows

Easy washing

Washing white towels, with white bed sheets, white pillowcases and white dressing gowns you have no worry of colour running. A cleaner's dream. 


No colour fade

Unlike coloured linen, white linen will not see any colour fade. Age of the material will not show as much as it would with coloured linen. With the frequent washes and steaming that hotel linen has to endure, white linen is the best to last the tests of time.


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