From luxury hotels, to small inns or a large hospital, our “Top Picks For” series of blogs will see us explore the different industry's that we sell to and the products most suited to them. Having taken into consideration each industries' differences we will present a selection of the top Linen & Moore products for each specific industry to suit their differing needs. In this blog, we will run through our top picks of the best products for a luxury hotel.

4 and 5-star hotels deliver a higher level of service and quality throughout the customer experience. The higher price tags are reflective of the style, comfort and luxury that one would enjoy in such hotels. While each luxury hotel is different in some ways, there are a number of common traits amongst the best of hotels, such as 24-hour room service and a spa and gym. Within the luxury industry, such amenities are of utmost importance. The customers experience from check-in to check-out should be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. The below luxury selection of Linen & Moore products are the perfect choice for any high-end hotelier.


Bed Linen -

Monarch Collection

Monarch Collection Bedsheets

The choice of bed linen is important in any hotel, but in a luxury hotel, it is key to ensure that your bed linen is more than just the average bed linen. We have selected two choices of high-quality bedding that are perfectly fitting for 4 and 5-star hotels. Our Monarch collection range will add a touch of 5-star glamour to your guests' room. This bedding is the premium choice for any luxury hotel. Made from high-quality Egyptian cotton with a 500 thread count and 5mm of tactile narrow stripe weave. This beautiful bedding is seen in the most exclusive hotels and resorts. Please your guests with the ultimate in luxury bedding with the Monarch collection.

Emperor Collection Duvet Cover Sets

Emporer Linen

By stripping away the frills and unnecessary designs and focusing on classic colours and the most comfortable and luxurious of materials, your guests will sleep in peace and comfort with our Emperor collection. Made from our stunning 400-thread count 100% Egyptian cotton, this luxurious bed linen is perfect if you're looking for something smart to decorate your luxury hotel. The Emporer collection features our softest sheets EVER, made with premium long-staple Egyptian cotton for a light and cosy feel that will last through countless nights of sleep.

Mattress Protectors - Derby Quilted Extra Deep Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Waterproof Mattress Cover

A mattress protector serves to keep your mattresses safe from dirt, dust and any spillages. With an expensive mattress and high-quality bed linen, it can be easy to unknowingly buy a poor quality mattress protector and undo all of your hard work. Our Derby quilted extra deep waterproof mattress protectors are the ideal choice for a high-end hotel. Made with 180 thread count 50/50 poly cotton fabric quilted mattress and pillow protectors with 100% polyester filling, PU quoted non-noisy reverse with waterproof, anti-mite, anti-dust & antibacterial qualities, the Derby collection is made to be comfortable and practical in increasing the life of your mattress. To make it a perfect fit it is elasticated all around and has a jersey skirt to fit on the mattress depth perfectly.


Bath Linen - Henley Towels

Bath Towels

As any luxury hotelier will tell you, your guests comfort and satisfaction is key. When it comes to bath linen, simplicity is often the best option. Our Henley towels are thick, rich and durable. Made of 100% combed cotton with a weight of 500 gsm. Classically styled, they are our softest and most absorbent towel, perfect for any 4 and 5-star hotels.


Kitchen Linen - Glass Cloths

Glass Cloths

In the luxury hotel industry, attention to detail is of utmost importance. The smallest of details often is the difference between the hotels at the very top. Where food and drink is concerned, every fine detail counts and will be heavily scrutinised by most guests. Glasses may be clean but watermarks or lint on glass can be unappealing to guests. Our glass cloths are available in a variety of colours. Made from 55% linen and 45% cotton, they are a must buy to keep your glasses sparkling clean and lint-free.


In a luxury and high-end hotel every choice of linen has to be carefully considered. Hopefully, this blog has proved useful in selecting your linen for your hotel. While these are our personal top picks for luxury hotels we have a large selection of products which are also ideal for high end 4, 5-star hotels.

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