Most hospitality guests, whether they are travelling for business or leisure, don’t have room in their luggage for bathrobes. They’d rather save the space for goodies to take home than take a robe with them on their trip. This is where you can add value to each guest’s stay, by providing a bathrobe as part of your bath linen range in each room or suite. Bathrobes are becoming just as important to the hospitality experience as chocolates on pillows.

Many guests will head straight for the shower or bath on arrival, especially after a long journey or a day filled with business meetings. Providing them with quality bathrobes and bathroom products will remind them of spa experiences and encourage relaxation, leading them to remember their stay with you as restorative. Lounging around in a cotton bathrobe, sipping a cocktail before getting dressed and going out for dinner, will be something they will remember. Businessmen and women who’ve had a positive experience at your hotel or guesthouse are extremely likely to recommend your hostelry to friends and family, and, they will more than likely become returning customers.

Linen & Moore carries a wide range of quality bathrobes to suit guests in hotels, guesthouses or B&B’s. Whether you need soft bathrobes for winter or lightweight bathrobes for summer, children’s bathrobes or coloured robes, Linen & Moore’s range will fulfil your needs. All our bathrobes are designed for comfort and elegance, using high quality fabrics which are not only absorbent but are also soft to the touch.

Our Avaris shawl bathrobes, made in Egyptian cotton, come in a variety of colours, allowing you to choose which one complements your interior design. These classic terry cotton bathrobes are stylish and super absorbent. Kimono bathrobes, made from absorbent terry cotton, are lightweight and comfortable to wear, especially in warmer weather. Linen & Moore’s cotton waffle weave kimono style bathrobes are perfect for beachfront accommodation or anywhere that’s sunny and warm. All our bathrobes come with belts, generous pockets and hanging loops.

If you want to impress your guests and encourage them to return, ensure you give them the opportunity to enjoy one of our quality bathrobes. You can also have them personalised so every guest will remember where they are staying. Many hotels carry a few extra personalised bathrobes, just in case a guest wants to buy one to take home, either as a gift or just to remember the wonderful night they spent in your establishment.