There’s no better feeling than waking up well rested and ready to face the world. The key to achieving this is a great night’s sleep.

Sleep is integral to our health and general wellbeing, and a lack of sleep can have a huge impact on all aspects of our everyday life, reducing concentration and productivity and increasing the risk of major health conditions.

With this in mind, any sleeping environment should be comfortable, relaxing, and inviting.


1. Make comfort a priority

Comfort should a top priority in any sleeping space. From choosing the right mattress through to investing in high quality linen that will instantly enhance your sleep routine, there are a whole host of ways to create a comfortable and inviting sleeping space.

As well as creating a more comfortable sleep space, luxury bedding is also better for your skin, promotes better sleep quality, and is integral to self-care. The average human spends a third of their lives in bed, so luxury linen and bedding is certainly a worthwhile investment.


2. Thread count

When it comes to choosing your bed linen, thread count is extremely important. Referring to the number of vertical and horizontal threads that feature in a square inch of fabric, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet will be.

Ranging from 60 to 800, good quality bed linen tends to have a thread count of between 180 and 350.


3. Choosing the perfect colour ways

The colours you choose for your bedroom can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep.

Colours such as greens, lilacs, and blues, as well as moodier tones such as greys, charcoals and dark blues can actually promote a restful night’s sleep. In fact, surveys have shown that those sleeping in a blue bedroom have an average of seven hours and fifty-two minutes sleep each night, with 58% of them waking up happy and refreshed in the morning.

Warm colours such as pale yellow can also be effective, creating an inviting, cosy feel.


4. Minimal furnishings

A space that is messy, cluttered and unloved is unlikely to provide a blissful sleeping environment or encourage good sleeping patterns.

Try and keep furnishings to a minimum, and invest in innovative storage solutions that will allow you to maximise the storage space in your bedroom. There are plenty of ways to optimise space in your bedroom including a bed with integrated storage, or fitted wardrobes to maximise floor to ceiling storage.


5. Personalise your bedroom

When creating your haven, make sure that you integrate all of your favourite things into your bedroom. From your favourite candles and scents through to a cosy seating area where you can get lost in your favourite book, there are lots of ways that you can create a special retreat, made just for you.