Egyptian cotton is the premium choice of bed linen. Smooth and silky to touch and magnificently light to sleep in. Egyptian cotton is delicately hand-picked, ensuring no damage to the cotton balls which make it softer and stronger than normal cotton. Egyptian cotton, when properly looked after, can last longer than other linen, so here are our top tips to ensure your Egyptian Cotton linen stays in perfect condition, wash after wash.

Washing your Egyptian cotton linen

When washing your Egyptian cotton linen avoid washing with any other items as loose parts can catch and cause damage to the soft material. Also, the highly absorbent nature of Egyptian cotton will likely absorb colours from darker items causing discolouration to your premium linen. Washing Egyptian cotton will make it softer, similar to fine wine, the softness of your Egyptian cotton linen when looked after properly will improve over time.

Washing Machine

Wash your Egyptian cotton at a low temperature of 40 degrees celsius on a gentle spin with minimal detergent and avoiding any bleach products which may stain the material and corrode the soft and delicate fabric of your Egyptian cotton.

Drying your Egyptian Cotton Linen

When drying your Egyptian cotton we recommend air drying to maintain the fabric’s natural scent and to minimise the time needed for ironing. If you must tumble dry your Egyptian cotton then we recommend using a low heat and folding as soon as the drying has finished in order to avoid heavy creasing.

Clothes Drying

Ironing your Egyptian Cotton Linen

To keep your Egyptian cotton looking it’s best we recommend ironing your linen. When ironing it is best to make sure your linen is slightly damp as when Egyptian cotton is fully dry, stubborn creases will be harder to get out. Set your iron to the cotton setting and don’t be afraid to use your irons steam functionality. To iron large sheets quicker we recommend folding your sheets to iron multiple layers at once.

Storing Your Egyptian Cotton Linen

When storing your Egyptian cotton linen be sure to first wash your cotton. Once you have washed and dried your cotton, store it in a dark, dry and cool place. You can put it in containers to keep things organised or in a dry, clean storage area, safe from any sharp objects or anything that may cause it to be cut or damaged.

Egyptian cotton is very strong and durable. When looked after it is able to keep its amazing looks and feel for a very long time.

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