Whether you are the host at a bed and breakfast, hosting a dinner party in your home, or the manager of a 5-star restaurant, when it comes to food there is no margin for error. With food being one of the most popular talking points in every culture and country, it is important that every aspect of your guests’ dining experience is as flawless as it can be. Our dining essentials are a collection of what we believe to be must-haves for any dining occasion. 



Whether you are a head chef at a top hotel or cooking a meal for a large group of family and friends, no one wants to get food debris over their clothes. Keep yourself protected with our 100% cotton, soft, restaurant aprons. Available in two styles and in a professional chef white, these aprons are durable and able to withstand wash after wash in order to stay as bright and fresh as the day you bought them.



Do you have a round table? Or maybe you have a square or rectangular table? Or maybe you’re running a hotel and have different varieties of all three. Whatever the shape and size of your tables we have tablecloths of exceptional quality to suit every need.


Tablecloths are not only classy and stylish, but they can also hide any blemishes on your table and keep them safe from future wear and tear. Our tablecloths are made of 100% cotton and with our wide range, you can pick the ones that best suit your restaurant, bed & breakfast, hotel or home. 

Table Cloths


Glass cloths

Shiny glass always looks appealing. At the finest restaurants, the glasses and cutlery are always sparkling and gleaming. A large part of this is down to a simple glass cloth. Clean glasses can look dull just from watermarks, but by purchasing a glass cloth to polish your glasses you can remove those unsightly watermarks and leave your glasses with a sparkle that you find in the world's most glamorous hotels and restaurants. In order to give your guests a dining experience to remember it is key to focus on the finest details. Polished glasses are just one small step towards a 5-star dining service, but a touch that will be sure to make a difference. 


Available in three different colour options, our glass cloths are made of 55% linen and 45% cotton which ensures durability and keeps the material intact regardless of the number of washes; perfect for keeping your glasses gleaming and lint-free.


Kitchen Towels

A largely unseen element of any big dining experience is the cleaning that takes place once guests have finished their meals. Whether you are setting the table or washing the dishes, our cotton towels and dishcloths can make your chores more enjoyable and stress-free. Our resilient kitchen cloths come in one size, 4 colour options and are designed to tackle any sink load. 


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