Cotton is a popular choice when it comes to fabrics. Whether we are looking for clothes, towels or bed linen, cotton, especially Egyptian cotton, is most people's first port of call. Not only do we love cotton for that way it feels, but it is also proven to be kinder on the skin, especially for those with sensitivities and allergies. Egyptian cotton is widely regarded to be the best quality cotton available, so we're investigating what makes Egyptian cotton superior to other types of cotton.

What is Egyptian cotton?

As you may have guessed, Egyptian cotton is simply cotton that has been grown in Egypt. The warm climate in Egypt and the soil near the river Nile is perfect for growing the finest, long yarn cotton. Due to the softness of the weave and luxurious texture of the material, Egyptian cotton is ideal for bed linen in the most luxurious of homes and hotels.

Cotton Plant

How is Egyptian cotton different from regular cotton?

Regular cotton is often machine-picked, whereas Egyptian cotton is hand-picked. Delicately handling and hand-picking Egyptian cotton means that the cotton is not damaged and is therefore much softer and stronger. In comparison, machine-picking regular cotton causes damage to the cotton fibres, creating a coarse texture. The Egyptian climate helps to produce perfect cotton with strands that are longer and stronger than regular cotton, this results in the famously silky and luxurious texture of Egyptian cotton.

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Which is better?

For sheer luxury, Egyptian cotton is the fabric of choice for hotel bed linen for a reason. The quality and comfort of the material is the best in the world and cannot be beaten. The natural make-up of Egyptian cotton gives it a shine and sparkle that stands out from regular cotton. Egyptian cotton is lighter and more breathable which also makes it perfect for those who struggle with sleep. While regular cotton is better than the majority of man-made materials, Egyptian cotton stands above regular cotton as the number one material of choice.

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